Tokuda Bank offers all types of pension insurance products of Doverie Pension Fund

Products and Services

Starting October 6th, 2021 Tokuda Bank offers all types of pension insurance products of Doverie Pension Insurance Company, which include mandatory supplementary pension insurance and voluntary supplementary pension insurance. 

Tokuda Bank provides the opportunity to all insured individuals (Bulgarian citizens) who have chosen to transfer the accumulated contributions in their individual accounts with General, Professional and Voluntary Funds, managed by other companies, to the General, Professional and Voluntary Funds, managed by Doverie Pension Insurance Company.
The process is completely digitalized and meets the highest standards for information security and personal data protection. All necessary documents may be signed in any branch of the Bank with electronic signature, free of charge for the client.

All individuals born after December 31st, 1959, employed under labour or civil contracts, as well as self-employed, are subject to mandatory supplementary pension insurance. The choice of a General Pension Fund is personal and the account holder may decide to transfer it to another Pension Fund one year after the current contract/ex officio distribution was made, or one year after the last transfer from one Fund to another has been made.

The purpose of the supplementary pension insurance with a pension fund working on defined contributions principle, is to increase the income and respectively the lifelong standard of insured individuals after their retirement by combining pensions from various sources. It is expected that the amount of the so called three pillars of the pension system – the state public social insurance, and by general and voluntary pension funds, will ensure a substituting pension income of up to 70 – 75 % of the last income received before retirement.


Doverie Pension Insurance Company is the first private company in Bulgaria to provide supplementary pension insurance. The Company is part of VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, and is 10 times winner of the prize Pension Fund of the Year in the category “Supplementary mandatory pension insurance”.
Doverie Pension Company is the preferred choice of many Bulgarians. 
According to data provided by the Financial Supervision Commission as of the first half of 2021, the number of Bulgarian citizens insured with Doverie is 1 199 078. The Company manages net assets for over 4.5 billion leva.