About the Bank

Transparency, clarity and correctness values brought together

Tokuda Bank was founded on 27 December 1994 as a joint-stock company in accordance with Bulgaria’s Law for Credit institutions and Commercial Law. The Bank has a full banking license for Bulgaria and abroad.


 To nurture the relationships with its customers, the Bank uses a combination of:

Modern services

Clarity and transparency

Integrity and attention


The mission of Tokuda bank is to support the advancement of the Business sector and the society in Bulgaria through providing prudent financial services to private entrepreneurs and individuals.

Our operations are guided by an approach that balances the interests of society, shareholders, clients and staff. 

Tokuda Bank operates in accordance with the Financial Supervision Commission’s Code of Professional Ethics.


Tokuda Bank AD is part of the corporate group Tokushukai Incorporated,Tokyo, Japan.
In 1998 the Japanese investor acquired a majority stake in the Bank. Currently, Tokushukai Incorporated, Japan owns 99.94% of the Bank's capital. The main shareholder of Tokushukai Incorporated is Dr. Torao Tokuda.

Following the eastern traditions, the Japanese line and the western tendencies, Tokuda Bank AD relies on the combination of modern service, clarity, correctness and transparency in the relations with clients, partners and employees.

A symbol of Tokuda Bank's values is the Bank's logo - the stylized eight-leaf Japanese chrysanthemum (Kiku in Japanese). It strives for longevity and rejuvenation. The number of leaves - 8, symbolizes prosperity and wealth, and in another perspective - infinity.

Tokuda Bank's desire is to reach more customers, both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, expressing the idea that working with the Bank can be easy and expeditiously. For Tokuda Bank each client is valuable in their own way and can rely on an individual approach, according to their needs and capabilities.


Exchange Rates

Currency Buys Sells
EUR 1 1.950 1.962 -
USD 1 1.802 1.842
GBP 1 2.293 2.353
CHF 1 1.988 2.088
JPY 100 1.133 1.213
Updated on: June 14, 2024, 8:30 a.m.
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We, at Tokuda Bank, work in a highly organised yet dynamic environment that facilitates the journey to our main aim – achieving the Bank’s overall goals and priorities.

If you would like to join our team, you can view our current vacancies and apply to the ones suited to you.

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