Notification for changes in payments from/to the budget

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Dear clients,

Please be informed that as of 01.10.2023 there will be changes in the structure, form and content of payment documents for transfers from/to accounts of budget organizations, which apply to all banks and payment service providers in the country in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance and the Bulgarian National Bank.

The changes that will be enforced after 01.10.2023 are the following:

1. Bank accounts of National Revenue Agency will be serviced by the Bulgarian National Bank – therefore it is necessary to inform yourself about the new account numbers of the National Revenue Agency, to which the relevant obligations are paid.

2. There are new samples of payment documents for ordering of transfers from/to accounts of budget organizations (NRA, customs, municipalities, courts and others)

In the new samples the following requisites are dropped:

  • Type of document
  • Number of document 
  • Date of document
  • Date for beginning of period 
  • Date for end of period
  • Payment type code – to the orderer's account.

In the request for payment through SEBRA, the following details are dropped: /only to budget organizations/

  • Paragraph/Type of liability
  • Month and year - beginning of the period
  • Month and year - end of period
  • Type of document
  • Number of document
  • Date of document.

The possibility for completing the "Code for type of payment" requisite is keeped, but only to the accounts with the identifier "84" in the 13th and 14th positions of the  IBAN account of budget organizations.

In case of transfers to accounts of budget organizations with IBAN with identifier "8" in the 13th position of the account, the requirement to fill in a correct one of the following identifiers is mandatory: "UIC/ BULSTAT code", "Personal number of the obliged person".

For transfers to the accounts of the Registraty Agency, it is recommended to fill in "Type and number of the document on which payment is made" and "Date of the document" in the reason for the payment.

3. The maximum amount for processing of a transfer through the payment system BISERA6 is amended from BGN 99 999.99 to BGN 999 999 999.99.

From 01.10.2023, the bank will perform transfers through the RINGS payment system only at the express request of a client. Transfers through the BISERA6 payment system for amounts above 99 999.00 BGN will be charged according to the Bank's current tariff.

4. It is no longer possible to order a multiline payment order for payment from/to accounts of budget organizations.

5. The Bank accepts and executes within the same business day interbank payment orders to budget organizations through the payment system BISERA6, received in the Bank until:

  • 04:30 pm, for orders received at the Bank`s office 
  • 05:00 рm, for orders sent through the Internet Banking system

If you have questions or need assistance, you can contact us at tel. 02/403 79 45 or by e-mail